KORCOS18 IEC has ended
We are here: Compassion, Creativity, Change.  

Let’s come together as a community of educators to reflect, grow and connect, empowering each other to create change agents for tomorrow.  What does it mean to be compassionate? What does it mean to be innovative? What does it mean to teach? To learn? To care?

We can’t wait to host you at GSIS for the Korea Council of Overseas Schools International Educators’ Conference 2018 (#KORCOSIEC18).  We are excited to make connections with the vision to create a better tomorrow.  That begins with the idea of a "We" being in the moment together, with the commitment to be our best selves for our students.  

Let’s do this.

**All speaker sessions are now FULL! Please select the sessions you wish to join and get ready for Nov.17! It’s about to happen! **

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Saturday, November 17





SESSION 1 Various Locations Anxiety That is Rooted in Alarm 404FULLKalei Jang-Brumsickle Fun with Clay and Twitter Chat Art Room A3FILLINGKim J-Lozano • Risa Kim Purposeful Play from ages 1 to 121 Secondary LibraryFULLMatt Freeman Sketchy Thoughts: Let's doodle!...I mean practice Visual Note taking. 204FILLINGRobert Mijares Storybook Drama: Using Process Drama to Enrich Language Arts 403LIMITEDCharlotte Harvey Students' Involvement with Social Justice through Compassion, Creativity and Change 211FILLINGJihyun Roh Uncovering the NGSS Science Practices 407LIMITEDJeff Vogt Concept-Based Foreign Language Instruction for Cultivating Intellect and Socio-emotional Skills 302FILLINGJuan Rafael Angel Improving Communication Skills in Foreign Language Learners 202LIMITEDIveth Morillo Compassion + Creativity = Happy Learning Community 402FULLAlice Lavina Leading Change Through Success and Strength 303FULLStephen Massiah Reactionary Manager or Leader by Design? 209BFILLINGDr. Brenda Williamson PBL and Creativity in the Music Classroom 301LIMITEDKarissa Van Liew Expressing Yourself Through Video Making! Elementary Library ClassroomFULLMichael Coleman Show What You Know - Digital Portfolios 205FULLScott Smith Fit For Life! Gym BLIMITEDJeff Williams Mindfulness Practices for the Classroom 209AFULLBenjamin Harnish Providing Social Impact and Sustainable Change through Soccer Activities 312LIMITEDRiza Tantay Why is Hello Kitty’s Head So Big? Intro to Korean Culture & Cultural Sensitivity 311FULLHye Yong Min






SESSION 4 Various Locations Surviving a Job Fair Secondary LibraryFILLINGJim Gerhard Parent-Teacher Interactions: Staying Calm and Winning Them Over 404LIMITEDNikki Nel Aint Nobody Got Time for THAT! 312LIMITEDDomenique Marie Roberts Reader's Workshop - Small Groups & Conferences 204FULLLeann Norton Building Relationships Through Affective Questions 403FILLINGMindi Dryer Compassion in Action 311FULLT. Jackson Kaguri Culitvating Metacognition & Empathy Through Vlogging 310LIMITEDAndrea Khambalia Global Collaboration and the Modern Classroom 303LIMITEDLee Jones Students' Involvement with Social Justice through Compassion, Creativity and Change 211FULLJihyun Roh The Balancing Act! 302LIMITEDTony Cartmel The Creative Solution: Kickstart some creativity with you and your students 202FILLINGTrevor Cory Student-Centered World Language Classroom: A survival kit 203LIMITEDAdrian Biarje Techniques that Enlighten Minds 412LIMITEDHanna Choi Aligning School Mission and Strategic Plan Goals with the Processes and Tools for Annual Reporting of Student Learning Outcomes and Data Driven Decisions in K-12 International Schools 407FULLBrett Everhart From Story to Stage 101FILLINGLindsey Anne Cayer • David Woods RIPCORD- a professional development possibility? 411LIMITEDDr. Craig Daly • Calum Stuart Flip Out! 209BLIMITEDApril Gudenrath Storytelling Your School 301LIMITEDSarah Marslender Technology in the Secondary Math Classroom 410LIMITEDChristopher Coleman Art and Advocacy: Social Justice in and out of the Art Room 205LIMITEDMarsha Bycraft The Hands Of A Grand Tea Master 209ALIMITEDHyang Sun Ko • Hippie Korea