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We are here: Compassion, Creativity, Change.  

Let’s come together as a community of educators to reflect, grow and connect, empowering each other to create change agents for tomorrow.  What does it mean to be compassionate? What does it mean to be innovative? What does it mean to teach? To learn? To care?

We can’t wait to host you at GSIS for the Korea Council of Overseas Schools International Educators’ Conference 2018 (#KORCOSIEC18).  We are excited to make connections with the vision to create a better tomorrow.  That begins with the idea of a "We" being in the moment together, with the commitment to be our best selves for our students.  

Let’s do this.

** Registration opens at the start of the 2018-19 school year.  Look to September 15, 2018 for the Registration on Eventbrite.  Currently, we are in the process of curating presenters.  If you are an amazing educator and wish to share your craft with others next to these incredible human beings pre-selected, please apply HERE.**
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Korean International School
4th Grade Teacher
avatar for Kristine Bahr

Kristine Bahr

Cheongna Dalton School
Grade 1 Teacher

Jason Baker

Cheongna Dalton School
Grade 4
avatar for John Bertken

John Bertken

Athletics Director
avatar for Adrian Biarje

Adrian Biarje

CDS Cheongna Dalton School
Spanish Teacher

Laura Bowles

Global Prodigy Academy
ESL/ELA Instructor

Jennifer Boyd

Korea Kent Foreign School
High School English/Drama Teacher

Taleen M Brady

Cheongna Dalton School
High School Math Teacher
avatar for TS Bray

TS Bray

Cheongna Dalton School
Director of EdTech

Eric Burton

Cheongna Dalton School
Literature & Composition teacher
avatar for Eric Busse

Eric Busse

G5 Teacher
avatar for Ms. Kaleena Carter

Ms. Kaleena Carter

Korea Kent Foreign School
Secondary Mathematics Teacher, B.A., M.A. | College Guidance...
avatar for Tony Cartmel

Tony Cartmel

Gyeonggi Suwon International School
Secondary Assistant Principal and IBDP Coordinator
avatar for Pamela Castillo

Pamela Castillo

Chadwick International School
PYP Coordinator, Early Years

Daniel Cavasin

Cheongna Dalton School
Middle School English
avatar for Lindsey Cayer

Lindsey Cayer

ES Music Teacher
avatar for Aysem Celebi

Aysem Celebi

Spanish Teacher
avatar for Olivia Chan

Olivia Chan

IB MYP & DP Biology, Head of Department
avatar for Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney

MS Math and Science
avatar for Daniel Chiang

Daniel Chiang

Maths Teacher
avatar for Liz Cho

Liz Cho

Principal of Teaching and Learning

Linda Choo

Cheongna Dalton School

Cara Clark

K2 Teacher
avatar for Daniel Clem

Daniel Clem

Cheongna Dalton School
Athletic Coordinator / PE Teacher
avatar for Christopher Coleman

Christopher Coleman

HS Math Teacher
avatar for Trevor Cory

Trevor Cory

MS Social Studies
avatar for Grace Cottone

Grace Cottone

International School of Koje
EY Foundation Teacher
avatar for Anthony Courtney

Anthony Courtney

Kwangju Foreign School
MS Math & Science Teacher
avatar for Aaron Coyle

Aaron Coyle

High School Social Studies
avatar for Craig Daly

Craig Daly

Lead Facilitator

Ash Dean

HS English Teacher

Jodi Deuth

ELA Teacher
avatar for Soleiman Dias

Soleiman Dias

Chadwick International
Director of Admissions
avatar for Mindi Dryer

Mindi Dryer

Head of Residence
avatar for Robin DuRant

Robin DuRant

Learning Support
avatar for Bobby Fagogenis

Bobby Fagogenis

Chadwick International
Principal of Student Well-being
avatar for Sean Forde

Sean Forde

ES Technology Coach
avatar for Matt Freeman

Matt Freeman

PYP Kindergarten Teacher
avatar for Mei Freeman

Mei Freeman

Gyeonggi Suwon International School
IBPYP Coordinator

Jesse Fuller

Global Prodigy Academy
English Canada
avatar for Ceci Gomez-Galvez

Ceci Gomez-Galvez

Shekou International School
EAL Teacher & Coach

Samuel Gray

Chadwick International School
Grade 4 Teacher
avatar for April Gudenrath

April Gudenrath

HS English/TOK/Media
avatar for Susan Guderyon

Susan Guderyon

Seoul Foreign School
ELL Specialist and Learning Support Teacher
avatar for Benjamin Harnish

Benjamin Harnish

G3 Teacher and ESOL Specialist
avatar for Andrew Hay

Andrew Hay

IBDP Business Management

Jon Hayhoe

Taejeon Christian International School
Design Teacher
avatar for Alex Henson

Alex Henson

Korea Kent Foreign School
Computer Science Teacher

David Hill

Cheongna Dalton School

Frankie Hinds

Cheongna Dalton School
Teacher (Learning Support)

Jennifer Hinds

Cheongna Dalton School
5th/6th Mathematics Teacher

Claudia Hong

Cheongna Dalton School (CDS)
Director of Human Resources

Jinny Hong

Korea Kent Foreign School

Min Jordan Hong

Global Prodigy Academy
Science Instructor
avatar for Alan Hoskin

Alan Hoskin

Seoul Foreign School
Digital Learning Coach
avatar for Jillian Iwanuk

Jillian Iwanuk

Kwangju Foreign School
Lower Elementary Classroom Teacher
avatar for Kim J-Lozano

Kim J-Lozano

Art Teacher

Grace Jeong

CMIS Canada
Grade 5 Teacher
avatar for Lucia Jeong

Lucia Jeong

EAL Teacher

Katie Johnson

Pre-K Teacher
avatar for Gary Johnston

Gary Johnston

Technology Integrationist

Mina Joo

Seoul Academy

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